My creative process, guitars, gear, concerts and sessions

Hello and welcome to my blog – and thank you for being here!

I have been looking forward for launching this blog for quite a while, so It’s great to have you here reading. Some of the many issues that I want to share with you are my creative process, guitars, gear, concerts and sessions.

My creative process

One of my intensions with this blog to invite you into my creative process. I’ll write about the development of a track, from the moment I get the first idea for a song till I continue developing it, arrange it and finally record the song. This also means that I’ll write about the recording sessions and the amazing musicians and creative people who are involved in this, and you will get the possibility to read about some of the things that happens after the recordings, like editing, mixing, mastering and release. I sure hope that I’ll get some comments and feedback from you or other readers that’ll inspire me in this part of my work. So if you come up with some good and constructive ideas or read something you want to comment, please go right ahead whenever you feel for it.

Concerts and sessions

In addition to this, I’ll write about concerts or sessions. This could either be about how I’ll prepare the music I’m going to play, pick the right equipment or let you hear something special about the gigs or the persons involved in the shows.

My guitars and gear

I can’t hide the fact that I’m really fond of guitars and been in love with them since I was about 4 years old, so of cause I’ll also write some stuff about guitars and all the fantastic gadgets you can use together with them like amps, pedals or things for the studio.

Hope to see you here again soon

I’m really looking forward to work on this blog – I hope I can write a new post once a week and reply comments more often. I can’t promise I’ll manage that, but I’ll do my very best, but I also have to use some time on other things like playing and recording, so there is something to write about, I hope you can live with that and I certainly hope that you will visit here again soon.

Have a wonderful day


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4 thoughts on “My creative process, guitars, gear, concerts and sessions

  1. Dennis Nedergaard

    Superfed og interessant blog!!

    Kunne også godt tænke mig at høre lidt om øverutiner du har praktiseret igennem tiden, band issues feks demokrati/diktatur tilgang til musikken der spilles osv.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dennis.
      Thank you for your positive comment on this blog – I appreciate that.
      I’ll definitely write something about how I practice in the future … and maybe also about bandissues you ask about, let’s see.
      Since you’re danish I can recommend my book: “Gode Råd” where I, among a lot of other issues, write about how I practice and prepare for gigs, shows and sessions in general.
      All the very best


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