Killer keyboard parts by Kim S. Hansen

I have written about Gary Novak and Jimmy Haslip and how they contributed to the Gratitude album. Today I’ll introduce you to the very talented keyboard player Kim S. Hansen – I’m feel very privileged to have him playing on my album.

Killer keyboard parts by Kim S. Hansen on the Gratitude album

Kim is actually Danish-born but has lived in L.A. since the nineties. He is Musical Director for Patti Austin and has played with Phil Perry, Paul Jackson jr. and many more. (While we did the recordings for the Gratitude album), Kim had to take some weeks off from my sessions to go to South Africa and tour with guitar ace Earl Klugh … cool).

Keyboard player Kim S. Hansen is also playing on the new Soren Reiff album Gratitude
Kim S. Hansen live with Earl Klugh

Back in the nineties Kim and I played together every once I a while, and we did a lot of the same types of gigs and sessions: Playing in different house bands and so on. After many years in that line of work, we both wanted to do something different.I stayed in Denmark and started my own production company, which led me to working as Musical Director on TV-shows and the like. Kim moved to the USA – and started playing sessions and gigs with a lot of the A-listers.

Keyboard player Kim S. Hansen is also playing on the new Soren Reiff album Gratitude
Kim S. Hansen live with Earl Klugh

When I hear about all the things Kim is doing in L.A. I am super glad on his behalf that he took the decision to move over there, but I miss having him around.

Concerning Kim’s work on the Gratitude album

The tracks Kim has done for my Gratitude album are awesome. The way he has developed my keyboard scratches blows me away. I made demos with me playing Rhodes, organ, maybe a synth-pad, and sometimes a simple moog-line – and Kim gave me Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, several different pad parts, strings, sweeps, moog-lines and more. All played virtuously, with great dynamics and energy. And every tune on the album develops thru the arrangement from start to finish. I must admit that his playing has brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. For instance Kim’s ending on “Have To Move On” … wow, so tasteful and still full of surprises. And Kim’s solo on the album version of “You Turn Me On” – it’s out of this world.

Sound engineering

Besides being a great keyboard player, Kim has also worked for many years in sound engineering. So besides from getting some very innovative keyboard parts, I also had the luxury of getting some very good sounding keyboard parts, that didn’t need much attention in the mix department – very nice!

All in all: to get a great keyboard player to play some awesome parts, to get parts that just sound right from the beginning and on top of that keep contact with an old friend is a triple win situation – no wonder I’m full of gratitude!

All the very best


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