Kim S. Hansen’s keys on Let’s Play

Now it’s time for keyboards … today I’ll let you have a sneak preview of Kim S. Hansen’s keys on Let’s Play from my Gratitude album. When I started to work on this song the working title was Saturday Brunch, so don’t get confused 🙂

I introduced Kim earlier on this blog – we have know each other for more than twenty years now. But since he moved to L.A: and I didn’t, we haven’t seen each other that much. Maybe we have had a beer or barbecue when I’ve been in L.A. but that’s unfortunately not that often.  And Kim and I haven’t been playing together for ages, even thou I definitely miss that.

About a year ago a producer, who was doing some music for a tv-show asked me if I wanted to play guitar on a track he was working on. When I got the track and asked who was playing keyboards, he told me it was Kim. Kim had played some super funky parts – clavinet and rhodes, that really impressed me. So when I started to miss real keys on my tracks, I was sure Kim was the right guy to ask for this.

When we started tracking keys for this album, Let’s Play wasn’t the first track Kim played on, but I can return to that another time. When we were about to do Saturday Brunch and Kim wanted to know what I wanted, I was sure about the organ part. I could also imagine a bluesy piano, with some typical bluesy fills in the chorus. And then I wasn’t sure if there also should be a WĂĽrtlizer or Rhodes … I leaned towards the Rhodes – but would let Kim decide, what was appropriate, since he is the expert.

Then I asked if he could imagine synth’s … maybe a pad and some swells in the intro or something, but I haven’t thought of the weird “grumsy” synth Kim invented for the intro, and I must admit … first time I listened I wasn’t sure about it – now I can’t live without it.

I’m really looking forward to hear what you think … here it is – oh yes … here I go again – remember the files I post on this blog are only for visitors to this blog, and nobody is allowed to use the files for anything without my written permission – but share the link to this post and all the others … I’ll appreciate that.

All the very best


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