Michito Sanchez and his percussion for Let’s Play

If you have read my former posts concerning the development of my tracks, you know I’m going to write about Michito Sanchez and his percussion for Let’s Play today. If you haven’t read my former posts concerning this tune, I’ll suggest you listen to the samples I placed in those post before you continue … I think it’ll make this post much more interesting … but on the other hand … go ahead, read and listen – you can always return to the others posts later. And don’t get confused about the title – when I started the working title for the track was Saturday Brunch … sorry about that 🙂

Soren Reiff together with Michito Sanchez
Soren Reiff and Michito Sanchez hanging in L.A.
Soren Reiff and Michito Sanchez hanging in L.A.

I’ve worked together with MIchito Sanchez in different constellations since we met for the first time back in 2005. He played on my album “Miss you” and he has played on tracks I’ve made for TV and commercials, and we have played live together in different constellations.

Michito Sanchez & Soren Reiff live
Michito Sanchez & Soren Reiff live

This means that I had certain sounds in my head when I started programming the demo for “Saturday Brunch” … certain flavours I wanted Michito to add to the track. I also wanted him to at least suggest something I didn’t ask for. I always try to be as openminded as possible, and I expect sessions players I’m working with to know much more about their instruments and possibilities than me. Therefore I always ask for something “else” – something that I wouldn’t come up with myself. 9 out of 10 times if not more often, I’m luckily surprised and keep that extra stuff with a big smile. And this happened again with this track.

I knew I wanted congas – I love congas, either they can fill out the gab, in which I normally would add a wha-guitar, or they can interact in a very dirty way with that wha-guitar part.

I could definitely hear congas on this track. I also knew I wanted some shaker instead of the stubborn, cold shaker I had programmed. And I could also hear some tambourine later on in the song, for the choruses.

On top of that I asked Michito to do one of his tasteful toy-tracks. Normally this includes some kind of chimes leading into og out of the chorus, maybe some woodblocks, claves and stuff that adds “air” to the track. For this track he added a super cool “wind-sound”, and some discrete bells supporting the melody here and there.

And my surprise … my “bonus gift” from Michito to this track was timbales. I had asked him if he could hear bongos or something like that, that could interact with the congas, but I hadn’t thought of timbales, before I heard Michito play them. They give the track a new flavour that I really like.

Below is what we ended up with after Michito had added a lot of tasteful things together with his unique energy to my music – hope you like it – and let me know what you think!

Oh yeah – the files I upload on this blog is only for visitors of the blog to listen to. No one is allowed to use my music or the files for anything without a written permission from me. But I really hope you’ll help spreading the word about this blog, and invite your friends to visit here by sharing links for my blog – thank you.

All the very best


2 Replies to “Michito Sanchez and his percussion for Let’s Play”

  1. Smooth Jazz and percussion redefined between you and Mr Sanchez. LOVE the ease with which the percussion adds to the feel of the track. Only sad one has to wait for the album to be released… This teasing Søren… it is not kind of you sir! 😉

    1. Thank you Henrik … I’ll do my best to get the album done and released a.s.a.p … and Michito is awesome – and a true pleasure to work with!

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