Powerfull percussion by Michito Sanchez

From time to time, I have had the pleasure of playing with Michito Sanchez in different constellations with David Garfield. No matter what repertoire we played, no matter what style, Michito has always lifted the music to another level.

Powerfull percussion by Michito Sanchez on the Gratitude album

Michito is unique – always coming up with tons of great ideas in the studio and always meeting you with a big smile and very positive attitude.

Soren Reiff and Michito Sanchez hanging in L.A.
Soren Reiff and Michito Sanchez hanging in L.A.

I was so lucky to have Michito playing on my second album “Miss you” – actually that was the very first time I worked with him in the studio. Since then I’ve use Michito on soundtracks for TV or commercials. He has a killer pocket and he always has tons of percussion lined up. You are sure to get, not only a tight and groovy shaker, but also the exact type of shaker you need for the specific track. Michito has added so much gold to my music, no matter what style and what weird wishes I had for parts.
Beside his “basic” tracks – for instance congas, shaker or tambourine, I always get him to record a “toy track”.On this track Michito is adding all the small innovative and sometimes weird stuff, that bring extra life and energy to the track.The toy track might add accents to the theme or other important parts in the arrangement. Sometimes you won’t notice the stuff in this toy track, unless they are muted … then you suddenly miss some depth.

When it was time for recording percussion for my Gratitude album, I knew it would be wise to call Michito.

Percussion player Michito Sanchez on the Gratitude album by Soren Reiff
Percussion player Michito Sanchez in the studio

The timing was right – Michito had a few days available, before he went on tour with John Mayer – I was very happy to hear taht. And got even happier when I started to listen to all the awesome parts he laid down during the sessions.

The way he interacts with all the other parts is blowing my mind. Believe me when I tell you that I often have been listening to the tracks without my disturbing guitar – just enjoying all the great stuff happening in the drums, bass, keys and percussion. For instance on “Let’s play” or “Longing Home” …  and here’s lots of stuff going on in the toy track too – love it!!

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