Cioks Ciokolate – a professional power supply

Cioks Ciokolate – a professional power supply

The Cioks Ciokolate is a serious and professional power supply – strong as an elephant, available to adapt to different surroundings just as many human beings … and delicious (at least for us guitar players) as a candy bar. 

Why should I buy a new power supply?

It makes sense to ask me that, since I’ve written several posts about how fond I am of the Pussy power supply (also made by Cioks). When I returned from the oversea trip, I did with my new smaller board, I wanted to use my bigger board for the final recordings for my coming album. Suddenly I remembered that I stole the Pussy Power from that board right before I left for Canada. Since I’m very happy about my new smaller board, and have no intentions of letting it go, I needed a new power supply for my old board. I was just about to order another Pussy Power, when I remembered something.

A box of Ciokolate
Cioks Ciokolate

Right before I left for Canada I had been doing a session with the old big board and had noticed a ticking sound. After some hectic moments while turning different things on and of, I had realized that the ticks came from my lovely Empress tremolo!! The ticks disappeared if I removed the power chord to the tremolo. Now I wanted to find out – didn’t the tremolo get enough power or was something broken, because the moment I removed the power to the tremolo the ticks also disappeared.

First I thought that the Pussy power didn’t deliver enough power, even though it was suppose to delivered what was needed. So I called Poul Cioks. I learned that some products apparently use parts that can make other products sound and act weird if they are on the same power cable – Paul asked me if I had a overdrive or something like that on the same power outlet. I checked and found my wah was chained to my tremolos power outlet. Even though there was power enough for both pedals something not so funny was going on. The moment I removed the wah from the power chain the problem was solved. That was my excuse for ordering a new and bigger power supply, with even more outlets (16!!! … compared to the Pussy powers 10) – and it had 12 of them isolated!

The Ciokolate

The Cioks Ciokolate and all the accessories
The Ciokolate and all the

When you get the box, you know you’ve ordered something special. It is almost as delicious as a candy bar – and when you open the box and start reading all the possibilities you get with this fellow you almost start drewling. I’ve never thought I would need a manual for a power supply. But when you get so many possibilities as you do with Cioks Ciokolate it makes sense. You get 24 flexcables along with it, it will power everything from 4 to 40v … it has DC and AC – not air-con …but AC power – but it actually has a fan that ensure optimal operation temperature no matter what.

After reading the manual it takes a few minutes to mount the box – either with the mounting kit coming with it or just the good old way with Velcro and some straps – then you’re running … no hum just joy.

Cioks Ciokolate mounted beneath my board
Cioks Ciokolate mounted beneath my board

All in all … We are talking about a real serious power supply. I would consider getting it if my car wouldn’t start on a cold winter morning, to see if it could kick start that too.

So if you need more than Pussy power, you need the Ciokolate

All the technically stuff you can get here.

All the very best


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