Here you will find links to Soren Reiff releases

You will find different types of Soren Reiff releases: albums, video tutorials, books and a sample library.

Single releases of international collaborations.

“We Were so Close – live in studio” 

and “Isolated – live in studio”  are released during the summer 2023.

Both of these features a stellar line-up of gifted musicians.

We Were so Close – single release 2020

Here’s a link to the transcription of the theme and solo from the full lenght original studio version of We Were so Close – enjoy đŸ™‚

Albums: “Funky Flavas”, “Miss you” and “Gratitude”

Earlier on I’ve released three albums as a recording artist. All three releases feature a killer cast of jazz, funk and fusion greats. This includes Jimmy Haslip, David Garfield, Gary Novak, Mike Stern, Will Lee, Steve Ferrone, Ricky Lawson among others.  Here you can read more about my latest album – Gratitude.  

My coming album

My fourth album is in the making. I’m really looking forward to releasing that – I’m very proud of the tunes – the overall vibe in moving in a new more funky and modern direction. The album also has a killer line-up. Sekou Bunch on bass, Eric Valentine on drums, my good friend Kim S. Hansen on keys and Michito Sanchez on percussion.

My video lessons

I’ve released several guitar tutorial videos – both in English and Danish. You can buy them and read more about them here: Video lessons Please notice some tutorials are in Danish – so look for the language icons/flags

My books:

Here you will find a page about my books . Unfortunately my books are only published in Danish at the moment, therefore the page is in Danish too – I’m sorry. Some of the material will be produced as video tutorials in the future, in an updated more contemporary version.

Sample Library

This is not a typical Soren Reiff release. The intention with this was to give all non-guitar-players / producers access to some funky guitar. You can easily choose between tons of different chords and voicings with your one finger on your left hand on a midi keyboard – and swap between numerous different rhythm patterns with your right hands fingers. Actually you can program and make your own rhythmically patterns as well.  Since you also can see my fingering of the chords all the time the screen as diagrams, the sample library is an excellent practice tool for funky rhythm guitar patterns. And here’s a link for the sample library Scarbee Funk Guitarist