The Dusty Start Helix Preset

The Dusty Start Helix Preset

The Dusty Start Helix Preset gives you lots of possibilities too. It is a more “vintage” and “hairy” version of my Session Start Helix preset. The “interface” looks very familiar, but tones are different, since the clean isn’t 100% clean, but has some hair or dust.

This preset definitely covers other flavors than Studio Start. The warmth from the natural amp-saturation makes both rhythm parts and lead parts sit another place in the mix. Stylewise I would describe it more old-school …  a wine expert would maybe say: “… with hints of blues, soul, rock.”

Some of the effects have been swapped, and of cause settings have been dialed in and adjusted for every Snapshot, since the amp reacts differently. All in all you get a more old school vibe here.

The 8 Snapshots continues to give me easy acces to warm patches for rhythm- and solo-playing and still I have easy and instant access to many additional spices. But some other flavors, since here we have some other stomp boxes compared to the Session Start. All this just inspires me to think and play differently.

In short: The Session Start Helix Preset preset covers
  • Clean tones but with some natural amp saturation, You’ll find different add-ons from the effects (2 different Tremolos, Leslie-flavor, Phaser, Chorus,  2 different types of Delay and a Reverb). Some sounds are “dry” for tight rhythm playing and others more “wet” for ambient, spacious flavors. In short: Many different clean tones from very dry to very ambient.
  • Crunchy patches, again both “dry” and more “wet”, and again with different type of modulations as add-ons.
  • Solo sounds, with different type of overdrives and delays for solo patches – from light saturated bluesy flavors to more intense overdrives with lots of sustain.
What do you get

When buying and downloading the Zip file containing the preset, you’ll also get a detailed “manual”, with a description of the Preset, Snapshots, their main use and all the options that are prepared within each of the Snapshots. 

You will also get a description of how to make sure you Helix is set up for the optimal use of this preset.

This Preset contains

8 Snapshots with 14 effects, 1 amp and 1 Dual cab, using 10 stomp box-switches and a wah/volume controller:

  • Wah pedal
  • Volume pedal
  • Compressor
  • 4 Drives
  • 1 Amp
  • 1 Dual Cab
  • 4 Modulation effects 
  • 2 Delays 
  • 1 Reverb
A little deeper into my intentions with this preset

Maybe you want even other nuances, than my 8 Snapshots. Like different combinations of the effects for certain songs, no problem. I’ve prepared for that in each Snapshot when you enter stomp mode. 

I’ll use this  workflow when I’m playing live to get a bigger palette of sounds. And I use it all the time when I’m working in the studio to find the right  combination of effects for the track.

When I’m working in the studio, normally I will have a sound in mind for a certain part, before I press record. But when I start to record, maybe I realize that it could be optimized/adjusted soundwise to fit the track even more. For bigger difference I might swap to another of my presets, but often I just enter Stomp mode to add or remove specific effects, it’s all prepared and ready to use. I’ve prepared for this in every specific Snapshot according to the “main use” I had in mind when I made this preset. After engaging what I’ve prepared I normally don’t have to do much if anything at all, apart from tapping the tempo, and make sure it’s set to match the tempo of the song.

The preset is for your personal use, and not allowed to be shared or sold to other users.

Please notice that this preset is made for the Helix Floor and Helix LT.  Helix Stomp and Pod Go versions will soon be available in adapted versions.

145,00 kr.

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