The Sparkling Helix Preset

The Sparkling Helix Preset

Recently I was preparing for some recordings that reminded me of the time when I started to work as a session guitar player. Back then I was a dedicated Fender guy. That led me to dive into clear and sparkling universe of a Fender Twin with some stellar ambient add-ons.

When I started to make this preset I couldn’t let go the lows you get from 4×12 even though I didn’t had such back then. Neither could I forget all the spacious  flavors I got from Lexicon’s, Strymon’s and tc electronic’s products – so it’s a nice hybrid of my gear memories.

You’ll have clear distinct clean tones, still with the warmth from a tube amp, but very clean. Several Snapshots with ambient flavors, pads and saucy spacious combinations. Snapshots for Clean tight rhythm playing and then Snaps with nice transparent overdriven tones, for soloing.

In short: The Sparkling Helix Preset preset covers
  • Clean tones but with lots of low end and a sparkling top. You’ll find different add-ons from the effects (2 Delays, Chorus,  2 Reverbs, Compressor, Octaver and Tremolo). Some sounds are rather dry for tight, distinct rhythm playing, others more wet  and ambient and then you’ll have really spacious flavors – pads.
  • Crunchy patches are possible, again both “dry” and more “wet”, but havn’t been prioritized  in my Snapshots in this  preset.
  • Lead tones, with different type of overdrives and delays for solo patches. Super inspiring to play with, nice defined attack and nice sustain, but no really  highgain lead snapshots here.
What do you get

When buying and downloading the Zip file containing the preset, you’ll also get a description of how to make sure you Helix is set up for the optimal use of this preset.

Together with the Sparkling preset that I use for gigging and sessions, you will now receive an alternative versions of the preset, that is optimized for individual practice, idea development, and teaching, by adding the looper.

This Preset contains

8 Snapshots with 12 effects, 1 amp and 1 Dual cab, using 10 stomp box-switches and a wah/volume controller:

  • Wah pedal
  • Volume pedal
  • Compressor
  • 1 Octaver
  • 2 Drives
  • 1 Amp
  • 1 Dual Cab
  • 2 Modulation effects 
  • 2 Delays 
  • 2 Reverb
A little deeper into my intentions with this preset

If you want other nuances, than the flavors from my 8 Snapshots it’s no problem. Like different combinations of the effects for certain songs, that’s easy. I’ve prepared for that in each Snapshot when you enter stomp mode. 

Just like my other presets it’s also possible get a bigger palette of sounds than just the 8 Snapshots, by entering stomp mode. Only difference is that in this we’ll have fewer stomp boxes available, due to the CPU limitations of the Helix. But still you’ll have a lot of super cool stellar sounds. I love this preset.

The preset is for your personal use, and not allowed to be shared or sold to other users.

Please notice that this preset is made for the Helix Floor and Helix LT.  Helix Stomp and Pod Go versions will soon be available in adapted versions.

Here’s a link to a video I did with the Sparkling preset. I recorded it while jamming using my Gibson ES346 – that guitar isn’t the best choice for showing the sparkling, clear high-end, but you get an idea of the core sounds anyway … I hope 🙂  

145,00 kr.

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