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These video lessons the Pentatonic Practice Session (in English) and Pentaton Øvesession (in Danish) are the ultimate practice tools if you want to be able to play the pentatonic scale effortless all over your fretboard.


High quality tutorial from Soren Reiff with accompanying sheet music and tabs. You will also get play-along tracks and notes i PDF format. These tutorials are produced for and they can not be purchased anywhere else.

Please look for language versions for each lesson, since some of the tutorials are only produced in Danish.

Please note: All video lessons are sold as instant download files containing the HD 1080p video and accompanying material. No physical DVDs are sold.

Quotes from users of Soren Reiff’s video lessons:

“Awesome video, just what I was looking for.”

“You have revitalised an old topic, helping guitar player to re-think the approach to pentatonics”.

“An eye opener.”

“Great fun and challenging”.

“I am going to suggest to my students, that look into the works to help their own development on the guitar”.

Video Lessons​


Improvisation med Pentaton Pentaton Øvesession  Pentaton Practice session 
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Pentaton Bundle    
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