Pentatonic Practice Session

Pentatonic Practice Session – English version

 The video – The Pentatonic Practice Session – is in English. Sold as instant download. Danish version here

The ultimate practice tool if you want to be able to play the pentatonic scale effortless all over the fretboard. 

Are you a beginner who wants to learn the 5 boxes of the pentatonic scale? Or are you a more experienced guitar player, who wants to move effortless all over the fretboard? This is the practice tool for you. 

If the pentatonic scale isn’t in your muscle memory, all over the fretboard, you’re missing some really great tools for playing solos. That’s no matter what style you are playing.

How to practice the pentatonic scale

I’m often asked how I would recommend guitar players to practice. How I structure my time? What I practice? And how I do it?

Here I’m not just talking about it. I am your personal practice partner – we are practicing together.

I’m very patient, waiting here for you. We can practice together whenever it suits you. We can practice for long as you want to. Do you want to repeat an exercise again and again? No problem, you’re in control.

Each chapter is dedicated to a certain type of subdivisions. In the introductions for each chapter, I will give you all the relevant and necessary information for the following chapter. I’ll explain what we are going to work, picking patterns and possible extra challenges. Then we practice.

We start really smooth with quarter notes in tempo 76. That is 4 notes in each bar. We move from tempo 76 to 96 bpm, then to 116 and finally 136. Instead of moving on to 156, we’ll go back to 76, but now we will play twice as fast – playing eighth notes. Again thru the 4 different tempos. Then it’s time for quarter note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets and sequence exercises. Most of the exercises will also work with rhythmically displacement – so you’ll get rhythmically awareness and freedom. The Pentatonic Practice Session has a natural progression all the way thru the chapters. This allows you to easily repeat exercises and sub-chapters or jump between certain exercises that you want to give some extra attention.

We play the 90 exercises in different tempos through this videos 6 chapters. It all adds up to 250 indexes/exercises all in all.

The more experienced guitar player

You can actually be a good guitar player, playing gigs on a regular basis without being able to play all the 5 inventions equally well. Unfortunately that means you are missing a lot of cool ways to spice up your playing. I really recommend that you have all positions into your muscle memory.  

Maybe you can play all 5 inventions, but just want to work on your speed, tone, alternate picking and coordination? Maybe you miss some rhythmically awareness and exercises? We work with all that in this video.

If you (as a more experienced guitar player) are worried, if we are moving ahead to slow in the beginning, I introduce some extra challenges from the very first exercise. That way they should be challenging for you too.

For the new guitar player

Is the pentatonic scale new to you, this is the video for you. We start rather slow, and you can repeat each of the positions, for as many times as you want to. You can do this with different types of subdivisions and in the different tempos.

You will get close up videos of both my hands, tabs, diagrams – and I’ll play all the exercises with you.

Here you’ll find what you need for many hours of practicing. And when you get through all of the chapters, you can start all over and add the extra challenges, I had introduced for the more experienced guitar players.

Take your practice and playing to the next level

No matter if you are a beginner or more experienced player you can take your practice to the next level with a personal practice plan. With The Pentatonic Practice Session you will find my template for a practice plan – and examples on how you could structure your practice time.

You know yourself and your everyday life the best. Do you have the opportunity to practice 20-30 minutes weekly or 2-3 hours every day? You know how hard you can allow to push yourself, what is realistic?

Use my template for a personal practice plan to structure your time the best possible way and email your plan to me – yes you can email it to me …

Special offer

This video is released summer 2019. In the following year I have a special offer for you who wants to take your practice and play to the next level. I will select as a minimum of 3 guitar players each month whom have sent me their personal practice plan. I will read their plans, relate to them and then return to hear how things are going.

It could be you


More than 1 hour and 45 minutes guitar educational video in Full HD (1080p) quality.

90 exercises written as tabs and sheet music (PDF’s)

250 recorded video-exercises recorded in different tempos.

Play-along-tracks in 76, 96, 116, 136 bpm – straight and swing.

The video is recording with 4 high quality cameras, with close ups of left and right hand, finger settings and picking patterns. Ready for instant download.

  English version

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