My latest album “Gratitude”

It’s been a long while and I appreciate your patience. I finally have the new CD “Gratitude” done and it’ll be out July 15th. I believe you will find it is well worth the wait.

Gratitude - Soren Reiff
Soren Reiff – Gratitude album

It took a while to write and chose the right tunes for this album – I wanted diversity yet also a sense of continuity, and I wanted to add some more bluesy stuff here and there. But everything still had to be catchy, groovy and with some nice melodies you want to sing along to. I think I’ve ended up with a nice complex album that really shows who I am as a composer and guitar player. 

Gratitude features an all-star cast of jazz, funk and fusion greats including Jimmy Haslip, David Garfield, Gary Novak, Kim Hansen, Michito Sanchez and Alexx Daye. I think it’s a great CD from start to finish and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this lineup – I’m really proud to work with these awesome musicians.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me. Stay tuned for updates and keep visiting my blog and website to find information about what’s happening. And don’t forget to leave me comments – I truly appreciate them.

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