Soren Reiff Helix Presets

Soren Reiff Helix Presets

When I bought my Helix Floor two years ago, I was totally overwhelmed. Thousands of options that suddenly became available right there at my feet. Instantly I knew that if I wanted the full advantage of all this, I had to develop and refine an ultimate default preset. I needed a platform that would give me a nice and logical overview. That’s why I made my Session Start preset … which led me to create all my Helix Presets  you’ll find here.

The Helix challenge

So many great-sounding amps cabs and mics, so many cool pedals and effects that could be combined crosswise. In short so many indescribable possibilities – awesomeness!

Without a structured platform with my favorite sounds and easy access to adjust those flavors on the spot, all my time will be spent browsing between different presets. Presets with different amps and with different combinations of pedals, cabs, mics and effects.

Not only will it take all my focus off my playing and confuse me. It will probably also be a nightmare for the sound engineers to manage my sound on live gigs or in the studio. If not a nightmare … at least big challenge since non of the presets will match each other neither level-wise nor character-wise.

Alternatively, I will end up using one preset. One preset with one amplifier that caught my attention the first time I checked the factory presets. That amp together with 3-4 of the pedals that remind me of something familiar. It will work. But I won’t benefit from all the possibilities that are in there somewhere.

Neither scenario appealed to me. I knew it required enthusiasm and time… a lot of time, but I was willing to invest it.

The solution

Here, two years later, I have a well-tested platform, my “Session Start” preset. This is my default preset every time I play. For two years I’ve used it for numerous live gigs and so many recording sessions. From that preset I have quick access to the sounds I use the most. It helps to maintain a consistent sound character and controls my output levels to stay the right place in the mix. And at the same time the platform gives me the opportunities for instant and intuitive changes, whenever I play live or I have to create new combinations of effects “on my pedalboard”, in the studio.

Together with the Session Start preset that I use for gigging and sessions, you will now receive two alternative versions of the preset. These versions are optimized for individual practice, idea development, and teaching.

The starting point – the platform in the form of my “Session Start” preset, has now got “siblings” … other presets. These presets have the same approach and are setup very familiar and recognizable to “Session Start”. Familiar but with different colors to the palette.

You can hear the 8 snapshots and some of the many add-ons here.

Why other presets, if I’ve used the Sessions Start with a smile for 2 years?

Good question! It started with the 3.5 update that made me dive deeply into all the new options. New amps, new speaker engine … lots of new flavors. The new options inspired … and made me reflect.

I have my Session Start preset that gives me all the flavors I had in the setup I used before I got my Helix. Actually the preset gives me much more and an easier workflow. But do I miss some spices, some colors I have had back in the days? Suddenly I realized: Yes! I miss my 20 units rig with the Mesa Boogie flavor and all my digital outboard – I had that setup for almost two decades. And the sparkling tones I got for my first Fender Twin I had earlier on, and some of the super ambient tones that setup inspired me to, oh boy I missed that too.

So I started to generate some new presets. And I must admit not only do they  work differently in a mix than my Session Start, but they inspire me for other parts and other ways to play such parts.

So to have those extra spices to choose from now is just awesome.

Other Soren Reiff Helix Presets


Each preset is based on different amplifiers, but again one amplifier for each preset. The presets don’t have the precise same selection of pedals/effects, although I have some favorites. I have spend hours … many hours to match the presets, so if I go from Session Start’s clean rhythm snapshot to a similar snap in one of the other preset – they match each other. The same with the other type of tones for similar type of parts. But since it’s different amps the interact differently – and they sit different places in the mix.

All presets have 8 Snapshots. These Snapshots are set up with differently adjusted sounds for the types of guitarparts I had in mind when I created the various Snapshots. In addition to this I have programmed a lot of extra options into each Snapshot. Engaged through stomp mode, the available effects are adjusted to suit the type of guitar-part each Snapshot is intended for.

In short, lots of possibilities from a well-thought-out starting point.

After my two years of geeking out, I had now added my presets to my web-shop, where you can read more about them individually.

If I make new major adjustments to any of them in the near future (don’t be surprised if that happens, I still love geeking out and exploring all the possibilities that exist) – you will be sent a fresh download link for the preset(s) you have purchased.

Please notice that at the moment the presets are only made for Helix Floor and Helix LT – Helix Stomp versions will come 🙂

Preset Bundles – The Session Start & The Dusty Start as a bundle

You can buy the Session Start and the Dusty Start preset as a bundle here

Preset Bundles – The Ultimate SR Helix bundle

You can buy all four SR presets here  – The Session Start, The Dusty Start, Sparkling and Boogie presets as a bundle 

Please remember that this preset is intended for your personal use only.
I kindly request that you refrain from sharing it publicly or with friends, as I have invested a significant amount of time developing all the presets I sell in my webshop.

Thank you!