Midi Interface for the Revival Drive

Recently I purchased the Revival Drive from Origin Effects. I was instantly blown away. This pedal is in another league than any other overdrive pedal I’ve ever tried. After a few minutes playing I knew it would be my new first choice of overdrives. I had to figure out a way to get the most out of its potential after placing it in my board. First I got the special TRS cable (made for me by Peter Kossek) so I could access the Blend overwrite and Mid boost with the TRS controls on my G2 from  GigRig – it worked perfectly.  But shortly after I missed the option of channel switching on the Revival Drive when I was changing presets on my G2.

While I had been exploring the Revival Drive, Peter Kossek had been developing a Midi Interface solving the challenge.

The Kossek FX Midi Interface

Last week I got it the Midi Interface for the Revival Drive – a special version for me with the power connection on top of it. That way it could hide in a corner under the tier on my board from Custom Pedal Boards.

Easy to connect and easy to set-up. Midi sent from my G2 thru my Strymons into the interface, standard 9 volt power and a standard TRS cable from the Interface to the Revival Drive – that’s it. After connecting and choosing the midi channel, it works very similar to my G2. When you want to add any of the main functions on the Revival Drive to a preset in G2, you hold the two edit buttons on the Midi Interface for 2-3 secs, choose the preset on the G2 you want to edit/add the Revival Drive setting to. When this is done, you choose between (or all of) the 4 buttons on the Midi Interface and you’re done, no saving, storing … just like the G2. Go to the next preset and repeat … when you want to play and stop adding thing with the Midi Interface you press and hold any of the four switches on the IF for 2-3 secs and that’s it.

So easy, so convenient 🙂

Below you get some of the technical stuff … guess it could be interested since it’s so new on the market. If the Revival Drive is new to you please read here.

The Kossek FX’s Midi Interface for the Revival Drive

The RD MIDI IF is a compact MIDI interface to control Bypass, Channel selection, Blend override and engage the Mid boost functions of the Origin Effects Revival Drive.

It holds 128 sets of functions (presets) , selected by Program Change received on the selected MIDI channel. Each function can be overridden using CC (Continuous Controller) on the selected MID channel.

Program the pedal control Initially, make sure that the On and Chan 2 LEDs on the RD MIDI IF correspond to the LEDs on the Revival Drive. If not, just press the Bypass and Channel footswitches on the Revival Drive until they do correspond.

Tech Specs MIDI In: standard MIDI, 5-pin DIN 180 degrees RD TRS: standard ¼” TRS cable between the RD MIDI IF and Revival Drive DC in: 9-12 V DC, 2.1 mm / 5.5 mm barrel center negative Power consumption: max 100 mA MIDI




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